Support the 2023 Transportation Equity Act

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Maryland has a long history of enacting racist transportation policy that disproportionately impacts Black and Brown people. From the Highway to Nowhere, to Governor Hogan's 2015 cancellation of the Red Line light rail project, too many transportation planning decisions have had devastating impacts on our communities. It's time to put an end to those injustices!

Fill out the form below to show your support for the 2023 Transportation Equity Act (HB9 / SB19).

This legislation can set the Moore administration up for success in transportation planning and spending, establishing tools the administration can use to make data-driven decisions for equitable transportation in Maryland. It makes equity a primary goal in the Maryland Transportation Plan. It requires MDOT to annually report data on racial disparities and impact on persons with disabilities.

Last year, this bill passed both houses with bipartisan support, but the governor vetoed it. This year, it's time to push it all the way past the finish line and sign it into law!
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