Support the Coronavirus Immigrant Families Protection Act

Viruses don’t discriminate based on English proficiency or immigration status. Congress’s solutions for COVID-19 shouldn’t either.

In March, Congress passed three new bills intended to address the national health emergency, mitigate its economic damage and provide for recovery. However, these COVID-19 relief bills excluded many AAPI communities, leaving them without meaningful access to critical benefits like testing and treatment, as well as the much-needed cash recovery payment.

To ensure that we successfully contain the coronavirus outbreak and rebuild our economy, it is vital that everyone in our country have access COVID-19 testing, treatment, public health information, and relief benefits.

Last week, Sen. Mazie Hirono and Rep. Judy Chu introduced the Coronavirus Immigrant Families Protection Act. This week, Members of Congress are debating what should be included in a fourth bill. We need YOU to tell your representatives and senators that the next COVID-19 package MUST include immigrant communities!

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