Support the Freedom to Vote Act

There are currently over 500 voter suppression bills pending in state legislatures to make it harder to register and vote. Passing federal voting rights legislation is the key to protecting our right to vote.

We urgently need the Freedom to Vote Act to make elections more modern and protect the right to free and fair elections for all, including automatic voter registration and the expansion of vote by mail.

As a nation, we must take steps to ensure all Americans can make their voices heard in our elections, especially Black, Brown, and young voters, as well as voters with disabilities, who are disproportionately impacted by voter suppression laws.

This act will, among other things:

  • Allow for same-day voter registration

  • Establish automatic voter registration

  • Protect and expand access to voting by mail

  • Establish 15 days of early voting, including at least two weekends

  • Restore voting rights to individuals who have been previously incarcerated

  • Prevent partisan gerrymandering

  • Protect against voter intimidation

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