Support the Permanent Slow Streets Program

child riding a bike on slow street with headline to write a letter in support of Permanent Slow Streets by Dec 6

On December 6, 2022, the SFMTA Board will decide whether to approve a permanent Slow Streets Program.

Please tell the SFMTA Board, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors to make all our current Slow Streets permanent and truly slow. Unfortunately, SFMTA’s proposed speeds and vehicle volumes are too high for people aged 8 to 80 to safely travel.

From its origins as an emergency pandemic response to its current role as a lifeline for thousands of San Franciscans, Slow Streets envision a future in which kids, families, seniors, and neighbors of all abilities move around their City safely and sustainably. Despite their popularity, the Slow Streets program remains vulnerable to reversal following the expiration of the Mayor’s Emergency Order — even after delighting neighbors for nearly two-and-a-half years during an otherwise devastating pandemic.

Send a letter now asking our city leaders to approve existing Slow Streets, make them slow, and expand the network into equity-priority neighborhoods.

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