Support the Protect Working Musicians Act

Massive online platforms have a disproportionate amount of power, and artists - especially small and independent creators - are forced to accept the music licensing terms offered by streaming platforms and AI developers. The Protect Working Musicians Act would allow independent artists to collectively negotiate with platforms, demanding fair compensation for their work.

The Protect Working Musicians Act would empower small independent artists and music creators by:

  • Allowing working artists and independent musicians to band together to negotiate with dominant streaming platforms and artificial intelligence developers.
  • Making clear the antitrust laws are no obstacle to these negotiations;
  • Granting working artists and independent musicians the ability to collectively refuse to license their music to a dominant online music distribution platform that refuses to pay market value rates.

Tell your representatives to support the Protect Working Musicians Act!

“Working musicians and small independent labels face urgent challenges to their livelihoods posed by the market power of streaming platforms as well as the explosion of AI applications that use their work without licensing or pay. This legislation will help give small, independent music creators a level playing field, empowering them to stand together for fairer compensation and giving them a voice in important negotiations that will determine the future of the music industry.” - Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC)