Support the rights of flower workers in Colombia!

Call your Representative and ask him/her to join in honoring Colombian flower workers by designating February 14th as International Flower Worker's Day. Or if you'd prefer, enter your info here and send them a letter. Help support workers' rights in Colombia!

Did you know that, on Valentine's Day, 65% of flowers in the U.S. come from Colombia? Unfortunately, though, cheap flowers for us means deplorable working conditions for flower workers: to learn more, watch this video by the WFP Colombia Team, featuring our Colombian partner organization Cactus, and members of the Colombian flower sector.

But you can do something to address this difficult situation for Colombian flower workers TODAY!

This Valentine's Day, Representative Keith Ellison (MN) is circulating a resolution in Congress this evening to recognize February 14 as International Flower Workers’ Day. This includes a commitment to improve conditions for workers and a revision of the Labor Action Plan (a provision agreed upon as a precursor to the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement) to “uphold the fulfillment of strong labor commitments under the U.S. Colombia Free Trade Agreement.”

Call your Representative NOW (or enter your info here and send them a letter) and ask him/her to add their name in support of International Flower Worker's Day.

Tell your Representative to be in touch with Brieana Marticorena at Rep. Ellison's office ( to add his/her name to the resolution.  


-Learn more by attending upcoming delegations to Colombia:

“A Woman’s Tale: Approaching Community Peace Building in Colombia with a Feminist Perspective”: This delegation aims to highlight the voices and stories of women involved in activist work in Buenaventura and surrounding areas. Throughout this delegation, we will meet with women and women-led organizations, asking questions about how state abandonment, US policies, and their activist work have impacted their lives.

“Women-Led Peace Building and Food Sovereignty”: Delegates on this trip will witness the ways in which Colombian women are building peace in their communities, and are resisting the current military and free trade policies through food sovereignty initiatives.

-Post on social media to honor flower workers on Wednesday (tomorrow)! Consider taking a picture or video of yourself with a written (and/or artistic) message of solidarity with Colombian flower workers, and share it on Facebook or twitter with the hashtags #FlowerWorkers #LaborRights #WhereAreYourFlowersFrom #PickChange

Thank you for your action on behalf of Colombian women flower workers!

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