Support the Texas Redistricting Transparency Act!

The Texas Redistricting Transparency Act (HB 3112) is a pivotal bill that would provide Texas with some fair and open redistricting standards going forward as our lawmakers prepare to draw up voting districts that might have a big impact on our communities and neighbors.

So what does HB 3112 do?

  • It makes redistricting info and the legislature's redistricting activities more accessible to the public by making it available online via website.

  • It requires at least 10 public hearings before Census data is delivered and 5 such hearings after. Held in different Congressional districts around the state, these hearings will allow Texans to give important feedback and yes, virtual testimony options would be part of the process.

  • It also requires a variety of factual info on redistricting plans be made public at least 72 hours before any committee vote so Texans can review what's being proposed.

  • It makes sure that after a committee vote, and before any plan heads to either chamber, lawmakers will hold at least two public hearings so the public can weigh in and provide input.

These standards are coming at a critical time for Texas because we cannot have a repeat of the mistakes from 2011. As Texans, we deserve every opportunity to see and understand the redistricting process that will shape our communities.

We need Fair and Open redistricting - Join us in making sure House Redistricting Committee members know how important this is and give HB 3112 a hearing!

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