Ask your Legislator to vote YES on HB24-1262

HB24-1262, Maternal Health Midwives, is a bill that ensures that for all birthing people and the teams that support them, joy is at the center. HB1262 aims to improve sustainable access to a full-range of perinatal healthcare, especially for communities of color, rural communities, and immigrants and refugees. This looks like:

  • Studying the cause of perinatal healthcare closures, recommending best practices for protecting sustainable access to care, and creating a comprehensive maternal health desert and asset map that tells the story of perinatal care in the state
  • Improving pathways to report and account for discrimination during the perinatal period, and
  • Supporting and integrating the midwifery workforce that specializes in community birth (aka CPMs) to ensure that communities have improved access to birthing options outside of the hospital setting

Our legislators need to know that this issue is a priority for improving maternal health in our state. Let your legislators know that this bill is important to you and your community today!

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