Send a Letter to Support the Re-Designation of Morris Canal CDC

Let's Get Communipaw Crossing Back on Track!
Send a Letter Insisting the JCRA Re-Designate MCCDC

At a time when anyone attempting to revitalize their neighborhood and empower their community should be celebrated, the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency has instead, decided to diminish and halt the efforts of one of the only minority, non-profit CDC 's in Jersey City: the Morris Canal Community Development Corporation. Take action today to have this decision reversed and MCCDC re-designated.

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MCCDC's vision for Communipaw Crossing, located at 408-420 Communipaw Avenue, includes 4 stories of 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom condominiums that could have housed 46 families and created just as many first-time home-ownership opportunities. The project, just one step away from breaking ground, is now null and void as a result of JCRA’s recent vote to de-designate the non-profit developer.  

Morris Canal CDC and the Lafayette Community need your help in getting the Communipaw Crossing redevelopment project back on track. Please urge the JCRA to overturn its de-designation MCCDC by sending a letter today.

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