Surveillance STILL Ain't Safety

In 2020, New Orleans made history by becoming one of the first cities in the South to ban facial recognition technology and other harmful surveillance tools, as well as implement common sense data protections for the 21st century. A mere 14 months later, exploiting the real public safety fears of New Orleanians, Mayor Cantrell and Chief of Police Shaun Ferguson are working to undermine the result of 2020's powerful organizing for civil liberties and amend the ordinance we fought so hard for.

Let the Mayor and City Council know that New Orleanians will not be fooled by the current rhetoric on crime in our city - we know these surveillance tools don’t keep us safe. Despite evidence that shows that surveillance tools do little to stop crime, we continue to pour money into them instead of proven public safety solutions like affordable housing, job training, nutritious food options, and better schools. Write your council member TODAY to say NO to Ord. 33,639.