Suspend Summer Tuition for Graduate Students [Queen's University]

Write to the Provost and Vice Principal (Academic) and ask for a suspension of summer tuition for all graduate students at Queen's University! Fill out your details on this page, click on 'start writing' to reach our draft letter, and remember to click 'send letter':


Dear Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Dr. Mark Green,

The novel coronavirus and ensuing global health pandemic has created an unprecedented social and economic crisis.

Graduate students no longer have access to physical university services, including office space, facilities, classrooms, and the physical library, and have limited access to our supervisors and committees, among other things. Many of us are also facing additional economic hardship due to summer job loss, fieldwork disruption that threatens timely program completion, and considerable future employment uncertainty. This is coupled with the latent stress and mental health problems that arise from social isolation.

This time requires additional graduate student support by Queen’s University. A first step in this support is the suspension of summer tuition normally due in May.

Graduate students should remain registered in their programs with unfettered access to external and internal funding awards in order to financially support living expenses of housing, food, and basic care.

In this period of distress, a suspension of summer tuition is crucial for the well-being of graduate students at Queen’s, especially international students who pay higher tuition. We understand that Queen’s University needs to make measured decisions in this time of crisis. We encourage you to make these decisions on the basis of consideration for vulnerable and precarious graduate students.


Letter Campaign by
Prerna  Subramanian
Kingston, Canada