Swarthmore, Terminate the Frat Leases Immediately!

A recent leak has confirmed what we all know: fraternities are sites of ongoing, disproportionate racism, homophobia, and sexual violence on Swarthmore’s campus. Will you join us in calling on Swarthmore College to terminate the fraternities' leases? Quotes from the leak, which contained meeting notes, group chats, and other files, are reproduced here [content warning]:

  • "Like is there a hotter organization on campus right now than the Phi brotherhood? No fucking way. We just took a nice sloppy poop on that referendum and we control the social scene. I feel like the only move at this point is manifest destiny. I mean am I wrong? Expand our territory and wipe out every other group in our path. First stop WRC next stop BCC … Just taking over one building at a time until we possess enough building space to start our own milf sex trafficking ring. God that would be hot."

  • So [NAME] told us a weird story at the meeting. Apparently, when he can’t sleep on Thursday or Saturday nights, he takes a stroll around campus at 3am. Don’t know why this is but I will let it slide. On Saturday he decided to take one of these strolls and came across a chick passed out faced first in front of trotter. We weren’t given any real details as what occurred after he found her.

  • “Also how embarrassed would you be if you were in DU [the other on-campus fraternity] right now? Your parties suck, you have both a rape tunnel AND a rape attic (gotta choose one or the other)”

  • The document shows frat brothers joke about urinating on the Intercultural Center, years of illegal hazing, widely-distributed pictures taken without consent, and extremely misogynistic and violent exchanges. For more information about the leak, check out articles in Voices and The Phoenix.

  • All the while, a new project documenting abuses by current fraternity members has amassed over 50 submissions.

The College-given leases empower the fraternities to harm other students with impunity, through unique access to a physical space they control and abuse. Despite student protests and testimonies of trauma, Swarthmore College and the Board of Managers have so far prioritized the financial approval of fraternity alumni, and the weekend enjoyment of a small powerful minority of students, over the safety of all other students

Swarthmore College's fraternity lease is harming students of color, queer and trans students, women, and particularly those at the intersections of these identities. We also know reform efforts and educational measures have been tried, year after year, and have failed, year after year.

We cannot let another year of unchecked fraternity violence pass by as our leaders refuse to act -- the fraternities's leases must be immediately terminated. Use the tool on the right to email Board Chair Shuchman, President Smith, and The Committee on Social Life and joining us in saying: Terminate the Fraternity Leases Immediately!