Take Action Against Anti-LGBTQ 'Conversion Therapy' – Urge SC Lawmakers to Reject S.811

A subcommittee of the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee have amended and advanced S.811, which now is an effort to sanction the anti-LGBTQ practice of so-called "conversion therapy," which falsely purports to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. The amended bill seeks to make it impossible for localities in our state to protect LGBTQ minors from “conversion therapy.”

The amendment is a direct response on the city of Columbia, SC's correct and ethical decision to pass a local ordinance protecting minors from anti-LGBTQ 'conversion therapy.' Now, discriminatory lawmakers want to undo Columbia's ordinance and forbid any other jurisdiction from passing protections from the dangerous, traumatic impacts of 'conversion therapy.'

South Carolina, it’s time to speak out again: use these tools to pressure lawmakers to #StopS811 by sending a letter to the committee members and your Senator.

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