Take Action: Lululemon Dressing up Apartheid!

Write to lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald, to let him know you will not be buying lululemon as long as they are selling products in apartheid Israel.

Lululemon recently opened its first store in Israel and has plans to open seven more.

Israeli officials were quick to promote the inaugural opening. Even the Israeli consulate general in Toronto tweeted about it, expressing how “excited” they were. It would seem nothing dresses up apartheid like yoga leggings!

Lululemon claims that “we elevate human potential by helping people feel their best” and “create transformative products and experiences that build meaningful connections, unlocking greater possibility and wellbeing for all.” Apartheid is not aligned with those goals.

The Israeli company Irani Corp/Factory 54 is already featuring lululemon for online purchase, including delivery to the illegal settlements in both the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights.

The lululemon website talks about CEO McDonald's personal commitment to diversity and inclusion. Certainly, opening stores to serve an apartheid-state would not speak to ‘walking the talk’ of this commitment.

December 2023: With over 20,000 people killed including over 10,000 children by Israel over 75 days, close to 2 million people displaced, thousands still under rubble, 50,000 injured, and infrastructure destroyed including hospitals, schools, places of worship, homes and utilities, lululemon is complicit through its investment in apartheid.

Nothing dresses up apartheid like yoga leggings! Shame on lululemon!

Until lululemon stops selling its product in Israel, tell CEO McDonald that you will not be buying lululemon products!


Initiated by:

Canada Palestine Association

Canadian BDS Coalition

Just Peace Advocates

Palestinian and Jewish Unity

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