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UC lecturers are fighting for a stronger contract that recognizes our professional dignity. Now more than ever before, we need fair workload standards that provide UC students with the best possible education, fair compensation that aligns with our training, experience, and contributions to our university, and transparent and consistent rehiring processes that create job stability. Teaching at the UC is a vocation, not a side hustle, and we won’t give up until we win rehiring protections that will protect lecturers from mass layoffs in the short-run and, establish clear steps towards stable, full time careers in the long-run. UC Students deserve to learn from a stable cadre of mentors and instructors who they know and trust. And proven-effective educators deserve some job stability amid these uncertain times. Another university is possible, but you have to fight for it!

Filling out this letter will send an email to the UC Board of Regents that will go into public record as a written public comment. Make sure to take action by the end of the day Monday March 15!