TAKE ACTION: Tell legislators to say NO to 'domestic terrorism' bill.

**June 7, 2023 Update: HB 2772 has been approved by the Joint Committee on Ways and Means and will be debated on the House floor imminently. Target email addresses for the entire Oregon legislature have been added to this action so that we can demand that our elected officials reject this dangerous bill.

**May 22, 2023 Update: HB 2772 appears to be continuing to advance in the legislature, as it has just been assigned to the Join Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety. Additional target email addresses have been added to this action for the members of that subcommittee.

House Bill 2772 has received adamant opposition from climate, environment, racial justice, and civil liberties organizations, highlighting the bill's potential for abuse by law enforcement and the lack of community engagement.

We need to tell our legislators NOT TO PASS this dangerous and unnecessary bill that could lead to allegations of terrorism against protesters, social justice activists, and already over-policed communities.

Civil liberties organizations have registered their opposition to the bill citing the likelihood of abuse by law enforcement and a lack of engagement with Oregonians who have disproportionately suffered the impacts of over-policing, including BIPOC communities, houseless individuals, and activists. Environmental and social justice organizations have also voiced opposition, highlighting the long history of protest in Oregon as being critical to the advancement of environmental, public health, and racial justice reforms, and how this legislation could be used to chill this activism.

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