Tell Aramark to Refuse G.E. Salmon

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AquaBounty Technologies Inc. is preparing to release genetically engineered salmon to the market by the end of 2020. G.E. salmon was the first G.E. animal to be approved for human consumption by the FDA, or anywhere in the world. We, as consumers, have the right to determine what is on our plates: in restaurants, grocery stores, or dining facilities. We need to know that the largest food service providers stand with us and refuse to source G.E. salmon.

The letter: In early December, activists sent letters to Aramark, one of the largest food service providers in the U.S., demanding a strong commitment to refuse to source G.E. salmon. Although Aramark responded, their statement on G.E. salmon is not strong enough. Thus we are sending a new letter to call on Aramark to be a sustainable leader in the food service industry. Please sign our letter to send a clear message to Aramark that they must refuse to source G.E. salmon. Thank you for taking action!

Background: Northwest tribes, state-wide and national tribal groups, environmental organizations, and law groups have denounced G.E. salmon as ecologically dangerous and precedent-setting for future G.E. animals. Almost 80 food retailers have committed to boycott AquaBounty’s G.E. salmon. In November 2020, a federal court declared that the FDA violated the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act when it approved G.E. salmon in 2015. On these grounds, the court declared the approval of G.E. salmon unlawful, requiring the FDA to re-do an environmental assessment. Despite this ruling and widespread opposition, AquaBounty still plans on bringing their salmon to market by the end of 2020, and has announced their intention to expand operations by building a new factory in Kentucky in 2023.

We stand and fight in solidarity with the Indigenous tribes who have managed, cared for, and built life ways around salmon since time immemorial. As we resist perpetual government-subsidized violation of tribal sovereignty, we must also resist corporate violation of tribal sovereignty.

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