Tell Caltrans to Install Cameras on Bay Area Freeways Now!

Caltrans needs to install cameras on Bay Area freeways now. Caltrans is failing at its job to project Oakland residents - to protect children who too often are caught in the crossfire. There is no excuse for Caltrans’ lack of urgency and transparency.

Governor Newsom’s 2022-2023 budget included $10 million to install 200 closed-circuit television cameras on California freeways. We are grateful to the many advocates who worked tirelessly to secure this funding. According to a July 2023 press statement, Caltrans will “start evaluating the camera's capabilities and begin deployment and usage in gradual phases.” Our communities – our children’s lives – don’t have time to wait on Caltrans’ bureaucracy.

We demand accountability. We demand action. We will not let Caltrans drag their feet on this crucial safety issue.