Tell Chancellor Joseph I. Castro: We need COVID relief for parents and caregivers

Many CSU faculty have been forced to adjust schedules to accommodate their work commitments and family obligations during COVID-19. Stay-at-home orders have closed daycare and K-12 schools or moved online. CSU faculty with caregiving responsibilities should be eligible for a paid workload reduction rather than being forced to take unpaid time off or leave the workforce entirely.

Many faculty had negative experiences with CSU’s COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave program (CPAL) and federal Family’s First Coronavirus Relief Act leave (FFCRA). Based on input from members, CFA proposed that faculty in need of COVID-related leave in Spring 2021 be granted one course off (3 or 4 Weighted Teaching Units, as appropriate), or up to 8 hours/week for faculty with non-instructional work assignments (for example coaches, counselors, or librarians). It is also clear that a singular leave program cannot address the different kinds of work that have emerged during COVID-19; any relief program must be flexible enough to address varying needs.

CSU Chancellor Joseph I. Castro must acknowledge pandemic-related workplace challenges with compassionate and responsible leadership. He needs to address the substantial needs of faculty as they deliver quality education to students while taking care of children, dependents, and family members during the pandemic.  Anything less would continue a precarious balancing act that is harmful to CSU students and faculty and their families.

This is a quality of life issue, but also an equity issue. Since most of the parenting and caregiving responsibilities fall to women -- especially women of color -- the CSU needs to devote efforts to minimizing the disparate impacts of the pandemic on women.

We demand a COVID-19 leave and relief proposal that respects the humanity of our faculty and we will fight to secure it.

Tell Chancellor Castro that we need COVID relief program for parents and caregivers that makes sense for CSU faculty!

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