Tell City Council - Don't Ban Small Homes!

 Cottages recently built in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood

What legislation is being proposed?

Atlanta Councilmember Marci Overstreet has proposed a new zoning ordinance that would ban new single-family homes under 750 sq. ft. unless the property is granted a “Special Use Permit” by the Atlanta City Council. Currently, small homes are allowed in all neighborhoods - just like larger ones! - and are a valuable tool used today by nonprofits and developers to deliver new, more affordable homes. (Here’s an example of what could become much more difficult to build in our City.)

The proposed permit requirement would add extra hurdles and months to the approval process and create more opportunities for neighborhood associations, NPUs, and the Atlanta City Council to outright block affordable homes. The additional delays, costs, and uncertainty would make small homes at best, much more expensive, and at worst, nearly impossible to build in Atlanta. Frankly, that we’re creating extra barriers to build a small home but not to build a mansion tells us everything we need to know about who we prioritize in this City.

Why is legislation being proposed?

According to Atlanta’s Department of Planning, the intention of this ordinance is “to provide protection for existing single-family neighborhoods… to permit new development while being compatible with neighborhood character”.

We don’t believe that Atlanta’s neighborhoods need to be “protected” from affordable housing! To address our housing crisis, we need Atlanta’s zoning laws to enable MORE types of housing, not less!

What can you do about it?

  1. Click through to send a letter to your city council member and tell them to oppose this legislation

  2. Attend your local NPU meeting this month and vote to oppose (NPU schedule)

    1. Not sure which NPU is yours? Find your NPU here.

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