Tell City Council you want more homes near transit!

Transit-oriented development artwork depicting Austin mixed-use development with light rail station, bus lane, bike lane, sidewalks, bikeshare, and more

On May 16, Austin City Council will vote on housing reforms designed to make Austin more walkable, transit-supportive, and environmentally friendly for all residents!

These reforms would:

  • allow more homes, taller buildings, and mixed-use, walkable development near Project Connect's future light rail (details here).
  • reduce height restrictions that limit the height of buildings near single-family homes (details here).
  • reduce the lot size required to build one home (details here).

More homes near transit would lead to:

  • improved affordability.
  • more walkability and access to transit.
  • increased ridership, funding, and public support for future transit expansion.
  • better odds for receiving critical federal funding for Project Connect.

Take a moment to use our quick and easy form to email your City Council member to ask them to support housing near transit in Austin!

For more explanation of these proposals, check out this page.

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