Tell Commissioner Franz and Clallam Commissioners: STOP the “Power Plant” timber sale in Elwha Watershed!

A grassroots coalition of people and non-profit organizations have launched the Elwha Legacy Forests campaign to protect the Elwha River Watershed from extractive logging. A critical 126 acre stretch of Forest called "Power Plant", bordering the Olympic Adventure Trail and trail to the Elwha Dam removal site, is under imminent threat. “Power Plant” is a diverse mix of 100 year old Douglas-fir and cedar, with naturally regenerated understory, making it a unique habitat.  

Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) just auctioned “Power Plant” to the highest bidder. Logging activity could begin soon, but it is not too late! Speak up today to protect the iconic Elwha River and its Forests! Please take less than a minute to click the link and tell Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz and Clallam County Commissioners to STOP the Power Plant sale and SAVE this Forest.

The City of Port Angeles has sent 2 letters formally requesting that DNR pause this timber sale. The City expressed concerns that logging of this forest compromises efforts to restore endangered salmon habitat; threatens other endangered and recovering species; destroys essential carbon sinks; and threatens the City's sole drinking water source.

A lawsuit brought by Earth Law Center, Center for Whale Research and Keystone Species Alliance points out that industrial logging poses a threat to the watershed’s health by reducing in-stream summer flows, and presenting landslide and erosion hazards. Yet, DNR has never studied the impacts of logging on the Elwha River Watershed.  

DNR sells timber to generate revenue for beneficiaries, like counties, schools, libraries, and fire districts. The revenue from "Power Plant" to these beneficiaries is $459,200. DNR shouldn't be logging in this area at all. But, if we offer DNR this money, it has no excuse to log. That’s why this win-win idea – which gave birth to the Elwha Forest Fund – is gaining traction. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!