Tell Congress: Don't shrink the poverty line!

In May, the Trump Administration announced its latest plan to deny assistance to millions: shrinking the poverty line. Each year the poverty line—the income amount that defines who is and isn’t in poverty—is adjusted for inflation. The poverty line is extremely important since it’s used to determine eligibility for assistance that those living in or near poverty need to survive. Think help for groceries, health care, and home heating to prevent threats to health and safety for low-income families or seniors. And remember that millions of moderate-income people qualify for health insurance premium subsidies if their incomes are between 100 percent – 400 percent of the poverty line.

In June, more than 52,000 comments were submitted to the administration opposing this attempt to shrink the poverty line. Now, it's time for Congress to step take action.

Use this portal to write your members of Congress. Regardless of whether you submitted a comment, let them know that you care about the millions of people who would be negatively affected by decreasing the poverty line, and that you expect them to take action to oppose this change. If you did submit a comment, please be sure to mention you did so in your letter.

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