Tell Congress Federal Funding is Essential to Saving Wisconsin's Economy and Public Services

States need to keep money flowing through communities to help the economy recover. But the pandemic forced businesses to close, resulting in huge job losses and less revenue to pay for critical services that help communities thrive economically.

If Congress does not provide substantial additional aid to state and local governments, Wisconsin state and local governments will be forced to lay off teachers and other workers, cut important services like health care and education, and take other actions that would make the recession longer and more painful. These budget cuts would fall most heavily on families with low incomes and people of color, who have already been hit the hardest by the pandemic and the recession.

State and local governments are at the forefront of combating the pandemic and its economic fallout, and have a specific responsibility to address the racism and discrimination that have exacerbated the pandemic and recession for immigrants and families of color.

Tell Congress that Wisconsin residents can't afford to wait. Congress must act to get state and local governments the aid they desperately need.

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Madison, WI