Tell Congress: Moms Need A Stronger Tax Credit

Image of a smiling mother and son, with the text "This mother's day: Give moms the support they need."
This Mother’s Day, honor the mothers in your life by urging Congress to renew the expanded Child Tax Credit

A little over a year ago, as part of the last pandemic relief package, Congress expanded the Child Tax Credit. It’s hard to think of a policy that did so much so quickly to improve the economic security of children.

  • Together with a stronger Earned Income Tax Credit, the expanded Child Tax Credit cut child poverty in half.
  • For millions of families, the expanded Child Tax Credit helped them make ends meet, reducing their financial stress.
  • Most of the money went to pay for essentials like food and rent.
  • The expanded Child Tax Credit did not dissuade parents from working. In fact, there’s some evidence that the opposite is true — that the enhanced credit made it easier for parents to work.

Where Congress came up short is in the fact that the improvements to Child Tax Credit were only temporary. The changes expired in January of this year.

Tell Congress to reinstate the improvements to the Child Tax Credit.

With that expiration of the improvements, poverty levels have surged once again. Low-income families not only lost the income support provided by the improved Child Tax Credit, they now must contend with rising prices for food, gasoline, and other essentials.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to take action on behalf of moms and parents all across the country: take a moment to urge Congress to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit.