Tell Senate: Pass the NO BAN Act

BREAKING- The NO BAN Act passed in the House on April 21st!
Help us push the Senate to pass the NO BAN Act next.

“How Can I Help?”

Contact your Senator
We’ve made it easy for you, use our sample script to contact your own Senator. As a constituent, your member values your opinion- and contacting your representative increases the traction on key issues such as the NO BAN Act. Take action with Poligon on the NO BAN Act today.

Read our Action Alert
Poligon has been working tirelessly from the beginning to ensure the NO BAN Act does not get neglected by Congress, too many lives have been at stake and continue to be at risk due to the implications of the 2016 executive order. Our brothers and sisters need us to be educated, active, and advocates.

Support Poligon
Poligon is committed to meeting with members of Congress to further advocate for this historical piece of legislation. Donate today to make a difference.

The NO BAN Act will:
  • Prevent any president from banning people because of their faith or national origin.
  • Impose limitations on executive authority to suspend or restrict immigrants from entering the U.S.
  • Prohibit religious discrimination in immigration laws, specifically those without statutory basis.

Here’s a sample call script to get you started:
"Hello Senator ______,
My name is ______ and I’m a constituent of _____(State), in the______ (District #). The NO BAN Act was passed in the House. I urge you to vote YES on the NO BAN Act. Banning individuals on the basis of religion and ethnicity does not represent American values and it violates our Constitution. Too many lives have been at stake and continue to be at risk due to Trump’s Muslim Ban. Help us ensure this never happens again. Will you say YES to the NO BAN Act?"

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