Tell Congress to Fund the Government

PASS-represented employees:

The continuing resolution funding the federal government is set to expire on November 17, potentially leading to another unnecessary and risky government shutdown. With time running out, Congress has yet to strike a funding deal and none of the 12 appropriations bills have been passed in either chamber.

As a dedicated public servant, you did heroic work during the pandemic to maintain the safety and security of the National Airspace System and you played a critical role in getting the aviation industry back on its feet. A government shutdown would impact the entire industry and introduce risk into the air traffic control system.

From the topic dropdown menu, select Appropriations, Federal Budget, Government Operations or something similar. Within the letter, please insert your position at the FAA (not in agency lingo but spelled out).

It is imperative that you reach out to your senators and representative and ask them to oppose any legislation that harms federal employees. Send a letter to your members of Congress today!

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