Tell Congress to oppose the US Innovation and Competition Act (USICA)!

The USICA has already passed in the Senate and will soon be voted on in the House. Please tell your Representative to oppose the bill and to call for an end to US policies that threaten hundreds of millions of people in the Indo-Pacific region, which threatens to spiral into worldwide conflict.

You can read our full statement on the USICA, as well as our open letter to Congress, which explains the urgency of stopping this legislation:

We believe that US industrial policy should not be built upon imperialist ambitions that serve only to drag the world into a new Cold War. We believe that working people in the US and elsewhere deserve policies that invest in public works programs, climate resilience, infrastructure, healthcare, and more. The US Innovation and Competition Act is not created for those purposes, instead it is overwhelmingly focused on preserving US global hegemony by fabricating narratives aimed at painting China as a threat and riling up global conflict in an effort to undermine an increasingly multipolar world.

If enacted, the bill would ramp up interference in the sovereignty of nations throughout the world, establish an anti-Chinese federal bureaucracy, intensify the militarization of US global policies, and continue the legacy of US industrial policy being weaponized against socialist movements globally. This legislation will promote confrontation and conflict with China, escalate the potential for military conflict between nuclear powers, and hinder global cooperation needed to address critical issues like climate change.

Please also consider joining our open letter to Congress as an individual or organization.