Tell Congress: Urgent, robust, ongoing relief package needed

As the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, we need a bold economic recovery package from the federal government. We need Congress to move quickly and aggressively to secure funding to provide relief for Oregonians.

This relief package needs to move quickly. Oregon families trying to pay their bills, make their rent, and put food on their table cannot wait. Payments to families cannot be delayed.

Payments need to be robust. Thousands of Oregonians have seen their incomes vanish in the past week. Payments from the federal government need to be large enough to help these Oregonians meet their basic needs.

Federal payments need to be ongoing. We do not currently know when this public health emergency will end, or how long we will be facing an economic downturn. A federal relief package must include ongoing payments to provide stability to those in need.

Tell Congress: The federal response to the economic crisis must be robust, fast-acting, and ongoing.