Tell CSU to Invest in Their Workers!

The CSU has continued to show that their workers are not a priority by offering insulting and inadequate wage and raises proposals to workers who keep the CSU and its infrastructure running smoothly.

The 2022 Mercer Study commissioned by the California Legislature and the CSU found that CSU workers are paid up to 12% less than comparable workers at similar institutions. In response, Governor Newsom directed the CSU to address pay inequities in bargaining with workers in 2023.

But the CSU continues to put workers dead last on their list of priorities.

Workers are tired of the CSU and the State fighting over who is responsible for financing fair pay for workers. The CSU has mismanaged their workforce for decades—refusing to move workers through their wage scales and building up a massive backlog of deferred maintenance as campuses deteriorate statewide—resulting in a financial stash of more than $3 billion in their “rainy day” fund. As far as we’re concerned, it’s been pouring for years. The CSU must invest in workers NOW!

Please join us, the CSU faculty and workers, in demanding that the CSU show us dignity on-the-job through fair pay and economic justice, manageable workloads, and respectful treatment by management and administration.

Letter Campaign by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California