Tell DC Council: Stand with, Not Against, People Experiencing Homelessness

Please join hundreds of DC residents, and over 40 organizations and community leaders in telling DC Council to Vote No on the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act.

What’s wrong with the HSRA bill?

In the midst of the affordable housing crisis in DC, which has the second most expensive cost of housing of all states, the bill puts lives at risk by eroding the safety net and rolling back the rights of DC residents experiencing housing insecurity.

What’s right with the HSRA bill?

Nothing. The bill does nothing to address root causes of homelessness, nothing to expand affordable housing, nothing to improve jobs or education, and nothing to save money for the District, according to the Chief Financial Officer.

Why does DC Council need to hear from you?

Before it can become law, the DC Council must vote on the bill one more time, which will likely happen on December 5. On November 7, DC Council had the opportunity to show its commitment to the needs of low-income DC residents. Instead, it designated the old Franklin School shelter as “no longer required for public purposes.” Then, it gave $82.4 million in public money to a Union Market developer, rejecting a proposal to use some of that money for affordable housing. Finally, the DC Council voted overwhelmingly (11-2) in support of the HSRA bill because of the “overtaxed” shelter system and the District’s “constrained resources.” More details here.

They have one more chance to get their priorities straight at the next vote. The bill has been improved somewhat over the last six months with some of the worst edges now dulled after Councilmembers heard your voices. But the bill, if it becomes law, will hurt low-income DC residents without doing them any good.

For background information, check out the Legal Clinic blog and follow us on Twitter (@WashLegalClinic). Use #VoteNoHSRABill to spread the word