Tell DEQ - No Chemours Expansion

NC Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) did NOT have to issue a press release when Chemours filed a permit application to expand PFAS (GenX) manufacturing at the Fayetteville Works facility.

And DEQ did NOT have to include in that press release a special email where "Comments about Chemours can be sent" when the public comment period is NOT OPEN YET!  

DEQ clearly WANTS / NEEDS to hear from you on this.  

We have made it easy for you. You can stop reading now and fill out your contact info to send the email we wrote now (or feel free to edit our email with your own thoughts), or, if you're not yet convinced, please read on: (p.s.: your email will go both to DEQ and Chemours - to the email address from their infuriating Chemours Neighbors campaign!)

This company and its predecessor have contaminated the groundwater, air, soil, food, fish, and the Cape Fear River — the drinking water of 400,000 in the Cape Fear Basin with toxic PFAS like GenX for 40+ years.

While other companies and even the US Military are phasing out PFAS, Chemours has the audacity to claim they "NEED" to expand in order to support green energy.

This "lock-in" strategy—claiming they're fighting the lock-in of dangerous fossil fuels by locking-in the use dangerous toxic chemical manufacturing— is par for the course for dirty industries. Chemours claims it is all about chemistry. Yet, they can't seem to create green energy with chemicals that don't also kill people. Don't be fooled. This is all about money — their money.  

Send your email today!!

Read the DEQ press release and the permit application here.