Tell DeSantis to stop bullying our kids

Tell Governor Ron DeSantis to stop bullying our kids.

Did you know that the state of Florida has almost twice as many Covid-19 fatalities as Canada?

Did you know that in Florida, 101 people per 100,000 contract Covid-19 each day, while the country overall has an average of 37 new cases per 100,000 each day?

Additionally Florida lawmakers have passed a law banning schools from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, despite requiring students to provide proof of vaccination for measles, mumps, chickenpox, and other illnesses?

Governor Ron DeSantis and his Florida Republican allies have failed the people of Florida.

Please take 1 (one) minute to send a message to school boards around the state to stand strong and support mask mandates with medical opt out only.

What Governor DeSantis does not understand is that diseases and epidemics are not politically driven, and a virus does not have any politics. The decision to recommend and mandate face masks and/or vaccines should be driven by science, not politics. The reality is that the CDC, the American Association of Pediatricians, and the US Department of Health have recommended that children should wear masks while in school and they recommend vaccinations for eligible populations.

Join us to advocate for #FLParentsOverPoliticians #MasksMandated #MasksUntilVaxed

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