Tell DNR and King County Council: STOP the “South Paw” Timber Sale!

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is trying to log 75 acres of 90-100 year old mature forest in Tiger Mountain State Forest. The “South Paw” timber sale contains Douglas Fir and Big Leaf Maple trees over four feet in diameter and borders a residential neighborhood. Logging this forest would have a significant negative impact on recreation, as the popular Tiger Mountain Trail runs directly through it. Tiger Mountain is an important ecological refuge for urban residents of King County; clearcutting its mature forests and turning them into tree plantations goes against the recreation, cultural, and environmental needs of King County residents.

DNR is accepting public comments for this sale. Please take 1 minute to send this pre-written comment to DNR and King County Council urging them to cancel South Paw. It has an even greater impact if you can add a sentence or two saying why you care about protecting mature forests and/or Tiger Mountain from being clearcut. Last time we sent over 2,000 emails to protect Wishbone. Let’s try to double that by sharing this campaign with our friends and family who love forests!

Last month King County Councilmembers wrote a powerful letter asking DNR to pause the “Wishbone” timber sale and to stop logging mature forests in King County. DNR should honor this request and stop this sale as well. South Paw has not yet been approved by DNR, so we have a great opportunity to get it canceled!