DNR must cancel the "Stilly Revisited" timber auction!

One of the giant western red cedars within Stilly Revisited!

Update: The Board of Natural Resources has approved this timber sale for auction on July 24th.

Take 1 minute to send an email to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), urging them to save the "Stilly Revisited" forest in Snohomish County from clearcut logging. There is a pre-written email, but we strongly urge you to personalize it because this forest is so important!

"Stilly Revisited" is on steep hillsides above the North Fork Stillaguamish River (a few miles downstream from the infamous Oso landslide) near Cicero, WA. It includes 150+ acres of mature forest, including residual old-growth western red cedars between 72” and 120” in diameter. The trees in this area are modeled by DNR to be between 97 and 125 years old, but many of the cedars and hemlocks are 140-300+ years old! This sale is located directly above a residential neighborhood, raising concerns over potential erosion risks. Well-used trails run through this area, connected to private roads in the neighborhood. Check out LFDC's Photo gallery here, featuring a 10-foot-wide ancient cedar.

Grants Creek, just 150 feet north of the unit, provides habitat for endangered salmon species including Steelhead and Chinook. There are restoration efforts underway by the Stillaguamish Tribe in this part of the watershed, yet this timber sale could have significant negative impacts on water quality and quality.

Mature forests of the Pacific Northwest are our best natural climate solution. They store and sequester more carbon than any other forest type on the planet. The moment is now to oppose clearcutting our mature forests and turning them into monocrop plantations.

Click the "Start Writing" button to send a personalized message to the DNR urging them to cancel "Stilly Revisited"!