Tell DRBC not to approve the import of radioactive frack wastewater

Ban Fracking Wastewater!

From the Delaware River Frack Ban Coalition

Please send an email to the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to alert them to the radioactive and toxic properties of wastewater produced by fracking. As was exposed by Justin Nobel in his investigations and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report “Hot Fracking Mess” and discussed by Mr. Nobel on the Delaware River Frack Ban Coalition’s webinar “Too Hot to Handle” August 18, the radioactivity of fracking waste is an unrecognized, poorly regulated, and dirty industrial secret that is polluting our world.

Yet the DRBC will soon issue draft gas regulations that could allow the import of this wastewater into the Delaware River Watershed for processing, discharge, and disposal.

Please take a moment now to send an email to DRBC to say: BAN FRACKING WASTEWATER IN THE WATERSHED! - even if you have done this before!

I thought fracking was banned in the Watershed?

Yes, fracking is permanently banned throughout the Delaware River Watershed but by Sept. 30 regulations will be proposed governing whether the wastewater produced by fracking elsewhere can be brought in.

What? Deliberately import and discharge radioactive waste?

Unbelievably, DRBC is considering this despite having banned fracking as too dangerous and threatening to the water supply for over 17 million people, to public health, and to the outstanding natural assets that would be lost.

On our webinar last month, Dusty Horwitt, the author of the bombshell PSR report, “Fracking with Forever Chemicals” revealed that highly toxic PFAS chemicals have been used in fracking (and they remain in the environment) and the Philadelphia Inquirer found that fracked wells in Pennsylvania had used these chemicals. Each stunning fact revealed about fracking adds to the overwhelming conclusion that fracking must be stopped, its waste production ended - and certainly not imported into the Delaware Basin!

Please speak out to DRBC to call for prevention of pollution by instituting a FULL Frack Ban!