Tell Gov Cuomo not to veto CUNY funding

Governor Cuomo has until Dec. 11 to sign or veto legislation that overwhelmingly passed the Assembly and Senate to protect educational quality at CUNY and SUNY. Please send an e-mail right now urging the governor to sign it and then post the action on your Facebook page.

The “Maintenance of Effort” (M.O.E.) bill would require the state to fund predictable increases to CUNY/SUNY operating costs like utilities, rent and salaries. It would 1) ensure tuition hikes go to improve CUNY/SUNY, rather than to offset underfunding from the state and 2) provide funding for future years of a PSC-CUNY contract to retain and attract quality faculty so CUNY’s half-million degree-seeking and continuing education students continue to get the best education possible.

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