Tell Governor Healey we need electrification & 15 minute headways on the Fairmount Line!

The Fairmount Line showed record ridership in 2023, and we know how critical it is to connecting residents in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park and beyond to each other and to downtown Boston.

Electrification on the Fairmount Line is the needed spark to build on existing ridership gains, significantly improve service, and address public-health and environmental concerns. Electrification enables fast, frequent, and reliable service on the Fairmount Line, delivering a high-quality rapid transit option to communities that have long seen unmet demand for increased mobility options. Electrification will also cut greenhouse gas and particulate emissions in the environmental justice communities the Fairmount Line runs through. Learn more about the benefits of commuter rail electrification here.

Now, we call on Governor Healey to bring the Fairmount Line community the service it deserves!

Use this simple, easy-to-use tool* to send Governor Healey a message letting her know that you support electrification and trains coming every 15 minutes (or better) now!

Learn more about the Fairmount Line, its long history of community advocacy, and more with our Fairmount Stories resource:

*Please only use this tool if you are a Massachusetts resident, as the tool is set up to email whoever your Governor is, and if you're writing from another state, it won't end up in Governor Healy's inbox! For a copy of the letter to copy & paste and send manually to Governor Healy, click here.

May 2024 update:

Despite our excitement about the good news that the MBTA is  is considering a proposal to increase service on the Fairmount Line with a new fleet of electric battery-powered trains before the end of 2027, we must continue let the administration know how strongly Boston wants electrification and rapid-transit-like frequencies on the Fairmount Line! Use this letter to hold the administration and the T accountable and share your thoughts.

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