Tell Governor Hochul to move local elections to even-numbered years!

Low Turnout in Local Elections Silences Our Voices

Tell Governor Hochul to sign bill (S3505B) moving local elections to even-numbered years.

New York counties, cities, towns and villages have multi-million or even billion dollar budgets like Onondaga County. Yet officials are elected with less votes than our state and federal representatives due to low turnout. We have seen in Onondaga County, how low turnout in local elections silences our voices. Residents demand services and instead representatives spend over 86 million dollars of taxpayer money on an aquarium. Local politicians promise to support non-partisan and independent redistricting and instead we get a gerrymandered map so they can continue to not listen to their constituents.

Here is a solution! The New York State Legislature passed a bill to move local elections to even numbered years. Even year elections see over 50% turnout. Odd year elections only see 30% turnout. Moving odd year elections to even years will increase turnout in critical local races. Let’s raise our voices and let the Governor know we want to move local elections to even years to increase turnout.

Information on local races is hard to find as candidates for state and federal races announce their campaigns earlier every year. Let’s make our Democracy stronger by electing all our representatives in even years! Sign Bill S3505B today!