Tell Governor Murphy to stop fracked gas exports in the Northeast!

Taylor McFarland - NJ Sierra Club

Welcome to 2021! This year is New Jersey’s statewide election year, so now is the time to hold Governor Murphy accountable and make sure he is keeping the verbal commitments he has made to fighting the climate crisis. This starts with his recent decision to vote ‘yes’ at the last meeting of the Delaware Basin River Commission to approve the construction of the dirty and dangerous LNG export terminal in Gibbstown, NJ. Now, Governor Murphy and his administration are trying to walk back the yes vote in the press by issuing a statement that includes: “[This administration] will explore all avenues within its authority to prevent the use of this dock for LNG transport.”

The easiest avenue to prevent LNG export at this LNG export terminal was to VOTE NO TO THE LNG EXPORT TERMINAL. This week, write an email to Governor Murphy. Ask him to explain SPECIFICALLY what his administration will now do to prevent Gibbstown from going forward. He has numerous options including denying additional, needed permits and issuing an executive order stopping the project. Then, ask him to support a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure in New Jersey. If the Murphy Administration truly, “...remains unwavering in its commitment to continue advancing critical initiatives to protect the environment and public health for future generations,” then they need to govern like it.

The approval of the Gibbstown LNG project puts the will of special interests and a private company, New Fortress Energy, over the will of the people in impacted communities every step of the way. The Trump administration issued a special permit to a subsidiary of New Fortress Energy specifically to allow the dangerous and explosive LNG to be transported by rail despite the disapproval of the local communities and neighborhoods along the train route. The LNG is not needed by New Jersey or Pennsylvania. This entire project is being pushed through purely so that a private company can sell the LNG overseas for profit. Because the project was sited in New Jersey, our vote on the DRBC was the key vote, and Governor Murphy has unfortunately failed this climate leadership test thus far.

Write an email to Governor Murphy today, and thank you for your continuing climate activism in this new year!

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