Tell HHS Secretary Becerra: Stop Moderna’s COVID Vaccine Price Gouging Now!

Moderna is jacking up the price of its COVID vaccine, selling it for many many times the cost of production despite making an expected $18 billion last year.

The truth is the vaccine was never just the Moderna vaccine. When COVID-19 hit, the US government sprang into action. The National Institutes of Health worked hand-in-hand with Moderna and taxpayers spent more than a billion dollars to create and develop the vaccine.

In fact, Moderna does not even have permission to use one of the key government-owned technologies behind the vaccine.

This gives the government ongoing leverage to demand better behavior. The Biden administration should use it and require Moderna to set a reasonable price and promote equitable access to the vaccine worldwide.

After you watch our report, click ‘START WRITING’ to sign and send a direct message to Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra to demand he use the government’s power to stop COVID vaccine price gouging now.

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