Tell ICE to #FreeEsau and #FreeYesenia!

On Saturday, June 17th agents of the U.S. Border Patrol pulled over and arrested Yesenia Hernandez and Esau Peche.  Border Patrol claimed that they suspected the couple to be undocumented immigrants who had recently crossed the border from Canada based on "the behavior, the way the car was being driven."

The truth?  Esau and Yesenia were just minutes away from the dairy farm in Franklin County, Vermont where they live and work.  They were on their way after leading a 13 mile march from the Vermont state capitol to the factory of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  Hundreds of dairy workers and supporters marched to demand that the company follow through on a 2015 commitment to join the Milk with Dignity program, improving labor and housing standards for the workers in its supply chain.  As the march was being covered in the New York Times and Washington Post, Yesenia and Esau were being shackled and put behind bars.

Now Yesenia and Esau are at risk of deportation.  Both have been active members of farmworker organization Migrant Justice, fighting for their rights and for their dignity as workers and human beings.  Write to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to demand that the couple be released and that deportation proceedings against them be dropped.  Esau and Yesenia deserve to be reunited with their community, their families in Vermont, and with each other.

Letter Campaign by
Migrant Justice Justice
Burlington, Vermont
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