Tell Your Senator: Fund Our Future, Not Tax Giveaways to the Wealthy

Kentucky State Senators will soon face a choice: use historic budget surpluses to build a commonwealth that lifts up and takes care of all Kentuckians, regardless of their race or where they live, or squander hundreds of millions of dollars on lavish tax giveaways to the wealthy.

Kentucky could invest in public schools, build homes for our neighbors devastated by natural disasters, pay teachers what they're worth, allow every child to access pre-K, take care of everyone’s health and build a child care industry that supports families. Instead, lawmakers are poised to put $11,000 a year into the pockets of millionaires.

Slashing Kentucky’s income tax rate puts the public services we all currently rely on at risk. Public schools, housing supports, rural hospitals and local governments will all suffer under this plan, which began under House Bill 8 passed in 2022. Before long, the revenue lost by the massive giveaway to those at the top will need to be replaced. That’s when harmful taxes on groceries, utilities and medicine will start.

Your voice matters, and it’s time to tell Kentucky's Senators to reject another tax giveaway in 2023. They should instead listen to Kentuckians, who are joining together to call on leaders to build a more prosperous commonwealth, ensure we’re prepared to take care of each other the next time disaster hits, be it a flood, tornado, pandemic or recession, and invest in the critical public systems that make a better Kentucky possible.

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