Tell Kevin McCarthy and Republican Members of Congress: America pays its bills

it's extorsion

It's extortion. Every single republican in Congress is using the collapse of the US economy (and the world) as extortion to gain more wealth and power. These MAGA extremists voted to give away trillions in tax cuts and now refuse to pay US bills.

🔥🔥Tell Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republican Members of Congress to stop holding America hostage, America pays its bills.

An economic crash that is preventable is unacceptable and dangerous. Everyone should care about this pending debt crisis and here is why: no one will escape harm in an economic downturn.

Millennials and Gen Z will be the first to see massive job loss and economic hardship. Estimates range from 6 million to 8 million jobs lost. Higher interest rates and credit card rates will make it hard for the younger generations to make basic bills. The cost of rent will rise. Education costs will skyrocket and college will become out of reach for many.

Resources will be diverted away from addressing the climate crisis. Estimates project that 401k’s, IRA’s, stocks, and savings will fall by up to 40%. Interest rates and a tightening job market will also prompt greater inflation and more shortages of basic goods. Furthermore, when a recession/depression hits, society experiences an increase in trauma triggers like domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse, and many long term health issues.

The working class will have to contend with longer hours, loss of health insurance and benefits, and more. Individuals that depend on SNAP benefits, Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare will see severe cuts to these programs. Schools and child care programs will receive less funding. Medication prices will increase, doctors visits will be missed, and many will not be able to keep up with the rising costs of food and shelter. Veterans stand to lose benefits they have earned.

And all of these things will disproportionately affect people of color, who are an integral part of the working class, who are at the forefront of the climate crisis and already impacted by environmental racism, and who already comprise a large part of the population of some of the most underfunded school districts.

We can and must address these inequities by contacting and pressuring our members of Congress to pass a clean debt ceiling. America can do better: we can lead by example by taking care of folks in our community, and paying our bills.

⭕⭕Please take 1 (one) minute and send a message to Speaker McCarthy: America is not a deadbeat nation, we pay our bills.

Additional Information:

  • The US is not a deadbeat nation. We have never failed to pay our bills.
  • Congress has worked to prevent default 78 times since 1960, including 3 times under Trump.
  • House Republican’s bill cuts 60,000 teachers, hurting 25 million kids; cuts 30 million veterans health visits and increases the disability claims backlog by 130,000; eliminates 2,000 border agents which would allow 900 pounds of fentanyl into the country; and threatens health care for nearly 21 million Americans. All to pay for their tax cuts for billionaires and profitable corporations.

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