Tell Lawmakers: Advance Economic Justice This Session

All Oregonians deserve to live in dignity. Everyone — Black, brown, and white; rural and urban; immigrant and Indigenous — should enjoy economic security and the ability to flourish. In the 2022 legislative session, lawmakers must take action to achieve this vision.

Tell lawmakers today to advance economic justice in Oregon by supporting our 2022 legislative agenda.

The legislature should enact Universal Representation to help end wrongful deportations. Deportation wreaks havoc on family bonds and finances, in addition to undermining key industries in our state economy. No family should be split apart simply because they could not afford an immigration attorney. Legislators can help put a stop to this harmful practice by supporting SB 1543, ensuring Oregonians have a lawyer in immigration court.

We must also better understand how the tax code impacts racial equity. Tax justice is a racial justice issue. We need better data to see which tax loopholes worsen racial inequality, so that together we can craft solutions to fix the problem. Tell your representatives to pass SB 1569, adding a voluntary race and ethnicity question to Oregon’s income tax forms.

Contact your lawmakers today to tell them to work towards an economic system that works for all of us.