Tell lawmakers: Oregon kids can’t wait! Pass the Oregon Kids’ Credit.

Illustration of a mother and father and their two children. The parents are carrying their children on their shoulders.

More than 100,000 Oregon children live in poverty. Their families worry about where they will find their next meal, how they’re going to keep a roof over their heads, or how they will come up with the money to fix a broken car. The rising cost of everyday goods only adds to the economic pressure suffocating Oregon's low-paid families.

There is a simple way to help Oregon’s children and their families: create the Oregon Kids’ Credit. As one mother noted, “Wondering how you are going to feed your kids everyday breaks your heart and takes a piece of your soul,” but the Oregon Kids’ Credit, “would give hope.”

Tell Oregon lawmakers to stand with children across the state and create the Oregon Kids’ Credit by enacting HB 3235.

The Oregon Kids’ Credit would establish a refundable tax credit of $1,200 per child for low- and moderate-income families. The Oregon Kids’ Credit would:

  • Improve economic security for more than 200,000 Oregon children;

  • Lift nearly 20,000 Oregon children out of poverty;

  • Benefit children of all races, disproportionately so for Black, Indigenous, and Latino children, thereby easing racial disparities;

  • Impact children in all 36 Oregon counties, disproportionately in rural communities.

Every Oregon child deserves to grow up in a home that is economically secure.  

Tell Oregon lawmakers to pass the Oregon Kids’ Credit (HB 3235).