Tell Lawmakers: Pass the Safe Communities Act This Session!

Exciting news! On June 24th, the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security reported the Safe Communities out favorably to the House, bringing it one step closer to passage this session. We need your help to keep up the momentum!

The Massachusetts Safe Communities Act (S.1579 and H.2418) would end voluntary police and court involvement in deportations, and communicate loud and clear that in Massachusetts, everyone can seek help, protection and treatment without fear of deportation. This is a message that immigrant communities desperately need to hear.

The Safe Communities Act is a critical and urgently needed piece of legislation. Every federal administration since the 1990s has misused our state and local police, courts and sheriffs as “force multipliers” for ICE. Massachusetts must set its own course to provide consistency and safety for immigrants. Will you email your legislators and urge them to contact leadership asking for their support in advancing the Safe Communities Act?

We’ve already started a message for you – simply enter your information and click “Start Writing.” Once you’ve sent your message, make sure to amplify it by sending the page to five friends in Massachusetts!

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