Tell Your State Legislator and Governor-elect Shapiro that the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Is Right for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has taken a major step in limiting carbon pollution produced by power plants and moving towards a more secure clean energy future by joining to a successful market-based solution called the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

International events have made it clear that Pennsylvania and the entire U.S. must move swiftly to a clean energy economy that will lower costs, protect our national security, and secure our energy independence.

There's been no better time than now for Pennsylvania to tap into the record of success of the RGGI program, allowing us to cut carbon pollution that causes climate change, use proceeds to lower energy costs for consumers, and create thousands of new jobs along the way.

RGGI has been a big success in the 11 states where it is already in place, cutting climate pollution by a third and raising nearly $3 billion to invest in clean energy and other purposes. It's the perfect opportunity for Pennsylvania to move towards a safer, cleaner, more affordable, and more healthy energy economy.

State lawmakers will play an important role in implementing RGGI in Pennsylvania, but they are being pushed by oil and gas industry lobbyists who are attempting to stop efforts like RGGI to control carbon pollution and invest in clean energy. Our lawmakers — along with incoming Governor Josh Shapiro —need to hear from actual constituents to let them know that RGGI is good for consumers, good for the environment, good for our security, and good for Pennsylvania's economy.

On the next page, you'll be able to send a letter to your legislators in support of RGGI and ask them to oppose any efforts to stop it.

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