Tell NM Legislators to Pause Fracking for Protections


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New Mexico is being overrun by industrialized fracking.

Take Action below and submit a letter encouraging lawmakers to enact a pause on new permits so that we have time to write appropriate regulations.
What does the State of New Mexico know about fracking in New Mexico? Turns out, not much.

Do you know what percentage of new drilling permits are for industrialized fracking in New Mexico? Neither does the State of New Mexico. Nor does it know what impacts the practice of multi-stage drilling and hydraulic fracturing is having on our public health, our land, our air, or our water. The science has shown how dangerous fracking can be, but the State of New Mexico currently knows next to nothing about it.

Senate Bill 459 allows us to finally learn the truth about fracking.

Key components of Senate Bill 459:

  • A four year moratorium on new fracking permits so that agencies have time to report;
  • Reporting requirements from seven state agencies on the impacts of fracking;
  • Requires agencies to provide policy and funding recommendations to properly regulate fracking in New Mexico.
  • The ultimate goal of the bill is to learn the whole truth about fracking, providing a pause for protections so that this new onslaught of industrialized oil and gas activity does not do irreparable harm to our culture, health, water, or environment.

Please submit a letter to your legislators today!

With oil and gas raking in record profits, and multiple states around New Mexico banning fracking, the oil lobbyists won't stop strong arming legislators into doing nothing, constantly fear mongering that this dirty industry is too important to even contemplate regulating.

We need to stand up to the oil industry and make sure our lawmakers fulfill their constitutional duty to protect our environment by passing this commonsense legislation.

We need you to take action and let your voice be heard!