Tell MA Legislators: Don’t Prop Up Dirty Biomass!

Girl assisted with breathing device
No Toxic Biomass

The Baker Administration has pushed through subsidies to prop up old, dirty biomass plants. We can’t let this stand!

Reeling from opposition to polluting biomass, the Baker administration revised an earlier proposal to the Renewable Portfolio Standard to include environmental justice protections. But the new proposal, which goes into effect September 2021, includes subsidies for older biomass plants. These plants were kicked out of the RPS program in 2012 for good reason: science shows dirty biomass harms our health and our climate.

The Governor’s policy will hurt our ability to deal with the most critical challenges of our time--challenges have become all the more urgent with the release of the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. Fortunately, thanks to your advocacy, state legislators are paying attention. Now, we need to get them to act to strengthen protections and strip biomass from clean energy programs once and for all.

Be a public health champion: tell your legislators to protect communities and stop dirty biomass subsidies!

Letter Campaign by
Joel Wool
DORCHESTER CENT, Massachusetts